In Ingetrans, we think that fulfilling the requirements, needs and expectations of our customers is a shared value; this requires high quality level and professionalism, because of this we have adopted a management system focused to obtain greater competitiveness, sustainability, profitability and worth.

In order to achieve these goals, we decided to introduce a system of quality management according to ISO9001:2008, which belongs to our working life and helps us to develop and manage effectively human, technical and administrative factors that affects directly to the quality service.

Therefore, the model of Quality Management adopted by Ingetrans, S.L. develops its policy of quality based on the following principles:

  1. The final quality of the customer service is a result of planned and systematic actions of PREVENTION, DETECTION, CORRECTION AND CONTINOUS IMPROVEMENT throughout the cycle.
  2. Contractual requirements, desires and expectations of customers are the only criterion in order to set the quality standard of our services.
  3. Quality requirements and contractual demands must be translated effectively into specifications that will be stated to the suppliers in a complete and properly way.
  4. Quality is a common task in all company areas; each area has to assume that is customer and supplier of other departments and people of the company.
  5. Each Ingetrans employee is responsible of the quality in their activity field. The manager is obliged to promote and verify the implementation of this manual, recommend solutions and check them once is set in operation, as well as the updates.
  6. The application of this policy requires the integration of the whole team of the company. To accomplish this, the management considers a priority to establish a work environment that allows personal satisfaction of their workers.
  7. The management of INGETRANS fully supports this program, committing to provide warranty services, for which will apply permanently human and technical resources necessary to ensure the mentioned quality.
  8. Always keep the commitment to continuous improvement.

INGETRANS, SL and their suppliers have bet for Quality, obtaining the certifications of the new standard ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004.


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