On the front of our company you could find two olive trees. For us, they represent strength, years of life and generosity in its fruits.

We try to reflect daily these qualities of our professional activity.

From the strength we obtain stiffness and constancy in our work, from years of life we obtain the safety to stay longer in the business and from generosity we obtain to keep focusing in looking forward.

In this webpage, we offer ourselves for everything that might be useful for the customers and being sure that we will know how to give the right answer.


Comprehensive legislation has been passed in the European Union with the objective to reduce the energy consumption and therefore CO2 emissions. EU...

From the first week of June, the new Ingetrans website is running. The idea that motivated its development is to bring together both our clients and all...

Once again Ingetrans attended the Smopyc international fair (Zaragoza), in order to exhibit its latest gearboxes and services for public works, construction...

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