MAC stands for "Motovario assembly centre" and identifies the official assembly centre certified by Motovario Spa.

It was in 2008, when Ingetrans after being approved by Motovario Italy, obtained the official certification as MAC assembly centre for Spain.

Ingetrans made a big effort to obtain the certification, this project foresees a careful selection process of the potential qualified centre and a structured implementation in precise and well detailed steps, during which the Motovario specialised personnel cooperate at close contact with the selected qualified centre in order that every single required process would be under taken according to the correct procedure and thus grant the highest quality. To reach a quality level that is homogeneous to the ones obtained by the main manufacturing plants Motovario ensure the approved centres undertake in depth training at the main facilities and are provided with the necessary assembly tools, machines and detailed technical manuals. Also constant updating and periodical support visits with procedure checks are made to guarantee standards and quality is maintained.

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